Hair Bar

BlowOut $50

All styles include an invigorating shampoo & a light scalp massage.

BlowOut Beyond $60

Thick, Coarse or Extra Curly hair? Ladies you know who you are. If your hair takes more than the regular 45 min. to blowout then choose this option for some additional TLC.

BlowOut Silk Press $80 & up (depending on length & density)

A non-chemical process of transforming natural-textured hair to a super-softened state, allowing it to be easily straightened through heat-styling.The hair looks very smooth, silky, straight and frizz free. The benefit of this style is that your hair will revert back after washing it!

(Wine, mimosas or spa water included!)

Soho Chic

Cobblestone streets, beautiful people or boutique shops; whatever it is will get you hooked on this classic blow-out with a little body.

Sin City

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!! Volumes of curls. No matter where you are, get this style when you're going out for a night on the town.

Big hair isn’t big enough. It needs to be long and big. And then longer and bigger. And blacker or blonder. Jersey girls like extreme beauty.

Jersey Girl
BlowOut Express

$35   (Hair must be clean and dry)

BlowOut Trend Setter

$45   Try a pony, Top knot or Fashion Braid ( Hair must be clean & dry)

Clip-in Extensions

Bring your own extensions. We will install and style them for you!

Miami Heat

OOH AHHH Caliente and we're not talking basketball. Lots of beach waves for an evening out with your significant other or maybe just a girls night out.​

Uptown Sleek

Straight to the point. Smooth, shiny, cosmopolitan and sophisticated. An easy style for any occasion.

​Walk of Fame aka Updo $90

When you need to be red carpet ready this is the style for you!

​Hollywood Waves  $80

Old school glam is perfect for any red carpet event!

 Olaplex System add-on $20
Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioner wrapped in a steam towel.

Scalp Massage


10 Minute relaxing massage that promotes hair growth!


BlowOut Packs

(Packages are non-transferable / expires 1 yr. from date of purchase)

(3 PACK) (save $10)
BlowOut     $140   BlowOut Beyond      $170
(6 PACK) (save $30)
BlowOut     $270    BlowOut Beyond      $330

(12 PACK) (save $120)
BlowOut     $480    BlowOut Beyond      $600